OIE Photo Competition Rules

In 2018, the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) is holding its fourth OIE PHOTO COMPETITION. The OIE reserves the right to cancel or amend the Competition or its rules without notice.


The theme of the 2018 competition is “Animal health and welfare, beyond the cliché”.


The OIE has brought its major mission, improving animal health and welfare in a photo competition, whose aim is to visually and creatively show the importance of the work done to protect animal health and welfare worldwide through the implementation of OIE International Standards, the crucial link between animal health and welfare as well as the significance of these latter elements to face the challenges of the future, and preserve human health and ecosystems.


The winners of the 2018 OIE PHOTO COMPETITION will therefore be the photographers who best illustrate, both from an artistic and a descriptive point of view, the work carried out by animal health and welfare players, in particular by Veterinary services both in their public and private components, to protect animal health and promote animal welfare worldwide in the context of the OIE Standards’ implementation, thus ensuring public health.
Photos should highlight the human/animal interactions that typify the activities of animal health and welfare professionals under the following themes:


– Animal disease surveillance, prevention and control. Photos could depict surveillance activities, vaccination campaigns, prophylaxis, and diagnostic tests, including interaction between wildlife (birds, rodents, etc), environment and livestock.


– Animal welfare. Photos could illustrate transport of animals, stray dog management, working animals, and other topics addressed in the OIE welfare standards’ chapters.


– Animal production systems. Photos could demonstrate familial, extensive or intensive farming systems, as well as transhumance, pastoralism systems, etc, with when possible a special spotlight on sustainable practices.


– Aquatic animal health and production systems. Photos could show farmed fishing systems, amphibians, crustaceans, farmed fish, molluscs and their products.
One Health. Photos could depict the essential link between human and animal health and the ecosystem in which they co-exist.


– Veterinary education. Photos could illustrate young students in practice/ training, veterinary education establishments and facilities etc.


Photos illustrating the scenarios highlighted in the above-mentioned themes will be given preference when selecting the winners. The jury will also consider the creativity of the photo caption.
The competition is free and open to the following individuals over the age of 18 (hereafter referred to collectively as the ”OIE global network”):


– delegates of an OIE member country
– focal points of an OIE member country
– employees of, or veterinarians accredited by, the veterinary services of an OIE member country
– employees of an OIE reference centre
– OIE experts (members of commissions, working groups, ad hoc groups and those working on technical items for the general session or regional commissions)
– employees of regional and international organisations with whom the OIE has a cooperation agreement (see list here)
For definitions of the above-mentioned terms, see www.oie.int.


Employees of regional and international organisations with whom the OIE has a cooperation agreement should ensure that the submitted photos do not appear in any publication nor have they been utilised by their organisation in any form of digital communication and social media such as Facebook and Twitter, thereby not infringing any copyright or intellectual property rights of the organisation.
OIE staff, both from headquarters and the regions, is excluded from the competition and must not participate either directly or indirectly, via members of the OIE global network.


The competition is equally open to full-time veterinary students who are enrolled in any of the faculties of veterinary medicine of an OIE Member Country during the 2017-2018 academic year.


The number of entries is limited to one per person (same surname, same first name and same postal address, irrespective of which email address is used). In the event of multiple entries by the same person (same surname, same first name, same postal address, irrespective of which email address is used), all entries from that person will be automatically rejected.
The competition will be announced to the OIE network and Veterinary students on the OIE website www.oie.int.


The competition entry procedure will also be published on the OIE Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as on a dedicated website www.oiephotocompetition.com from 1st February 2018 until noon on 15 April 2018 (Paris time).


As neither Facebook nor Twitter are the organisers or sponsors of the competition, they cannot be held liable for any problem related to the competition. The competition is not associated with, managed by or sponsored by Facebook or Twitter.
Participation in the competition is free and done exclusively online on the www.oiephotocompetition.com website.


To take part, entrants must:
– Select between one and five photos corresponding to the theme;
– Read and note the rules;
– Fill in the entry form online, complete all the fields and accept the rules of the photo competition;
– Upload and submit the photos (no more than five), meeting the technical requirements below, on the photo competition website, with captions for each photo, by noon on 15 April 2018 (Paris time);
– Make sure that you receive the email confirming that your application has been well received.


The photos entered must have the following technical characteristics:
– Color or black & white
– Format: jpeg or tiff
– Resolution: 300 ppi
– Minimum size of 2480 by 3508 pixels (21 x 29.7 cm), preferably the maximum size and resolution available
– Maximum file size of 10MB per photo. If the photo exceeds this amount, the upload will not be successful.


If any of the above conditions is not met, the entry will be disregarded. The date and time of reception of the complete entry will be taken into account for purposes of meeting the deadline. Any entry that is incomplete, submitted after the deadline or in any other form than that specified, will be disregarded. No entries via Facebook, Twitter or letter post will be accepted.


The entries that comply with these rules will then be judged by a jury whose composition will be made available on the website: www.oiephotocompetition.com.
The jury’s decision, which will be final, will be published on the web site www.oiephotocompetition.com on 16th May 2018.
The winners will be awarded the prizes mentioned in Article 8.
The prizes will be awarded during the opening ceremony of the 86th OIE General Session on Sunday, 20 May 2018. Winners will be notified in advance by email.
The photos must comply with the theme of the competition, “Animal health and welfare, beyond the cliché”, as detailed on page 1 of the competition announcement and in these rules.


The photos must not be obscene, violent, dangerous, racist, contrary to public order, likely to harm the development of minors, offend the dignity of persons or condone crimes against humanity. Photos that do not comply with this provision will be automatically excluded from the competition.


The entrant represents and warrants that:


– he/she is the author of the photo(s) entered in the competition and therefore the exclusive owner of literary and artistic rights, namely the right to the name, the right of reproduction, the right of modification, the right to display the photo publicly, and the right to disseminate it via any medium anywhere in the world;


– he/she has obtained the prior written consent of the persons identified in the entered photo(s), thus ensuring that the OIE cannot be held liable for the use of the said photo in the context of this competition.
As the author of the entered photo(s) and holder of the associated literary and artistic rights, each entrant consents, as a condition of entry for the competition, to the photo(s) being displayed at the 86th General Session in May 2018.


The entrant transfers to the OIE non-exclusive rights to use all or part of the photos (in their original or modified form), to reproduction, dissemination in any medium and display, with a mention of the author’s name in the copyright, in any communication or publishing medium.


These non-exclusive rights are granted for an unlimited period, worldwide, as from the date of submitting the entry and its acceptance by the OIE.


Entrants retain the right freely to use their photos and may at any time revoke the non-exclusive rights that they have granted to the OIE by sending a letter, dated and signed by entrants (who retain the literary and artistic rights), using a courier service with tracking and delivery against signature, to the following address:


Communication Unit
World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE)
12, rue de Prony
75017 Paris, France
Tel: +33 (0) 1 44 15 18 88
The deadline for completing the entry form and submitting photos is 15 April 2018 at noon (Paris time).
A winner will be chosen from each region of the OIE global network:
– Africa Prize
– Americas Prize
– Asia and Pacific Prize
– Europe Prize
– Middle East Prize
Each “Global network” winner will receive the sum of €1,000.


The regional membership of entrants will be determined according to: the member country (for delegates, focal points or employees of veterinary services); the country where the reference centre is located (for employees of an OIE reference centre); the country of residence (for experts); and for other categories, the country where the employee exercises his/her functions irrespective of their nationality. A further consideration used to determine the entrants’ region will be his/her primary affiliation to the country covered by the corresponding OIE regional commission.


Further a winner will be chosen from the entries submitted by veterinary students from each region in the OIE global network.
– Africa Prize
– Americas Prize
– Asia and Pacific Prize
– Europe Prize
– Middle East Prize
Each “Veterinary Students” winner will receive the sum of €500.


If a winner cannot be contacted by email or telephone within 7 days of the closing date, the OIE will allocate the prize to another entrant.


Complimentary cheques will be awarded during the Opening Ceremony of the 86th OIE General Session on Sunday, 20 May 2018. At the end of the competition, the prizes will be transferred to the bank account designated by the chosen winners, before the last friday of June 2018.
The OIE disclaims all liability for the content of published photos. The OIE reserves the right to disqualify any entrants who fail, wholly or partially, to comply with these rules.


No claims against the OIE will be possible except for claims for failure to comply with these rules. The OIE cannot be held liable in connection with the competition and the entrants will therefore not be entitled to claim any damages or compensation whatsoever.


The OIE disclaims all liability if for any reason a participant submitted erroneous data for his/her entry and the system does not allow the participant to enter. Incomplete entries or those with erroneous data will be disregarded.


The OIE disclaims all liability if for any reason a participant cannot access the website of the OIE Photo Competition, or cannot upload the photos.


The OIE shall not be responsible for any technical problems such as but not limited to Internet connectivity which prevent or hinder participation in the OIE Photo Competition.


No claims whatsoever against the OIE will be possible. The OIE will not be held liable in connection with the OIE Photo Competition and the participants will therefore not be entitled to claim any damages or compensation whatsoever.
These rules are available on the dedicated photo competition website www.oiephotocompetition.com
Participants’ entry information will be handled with the utmost confidentiality and personal data will not be disclosed to any third parties.


Entrants are entitled to access, rectify or delete personal data concerning them. These rights can be exercised by sending a written request to the OIE at the following address: communication@oie.int.


Entrants who exercise their right to delete data concerning them before the competition is closed will be deemed to have renounced their participation in the competition.
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