2018 OIE Photo Competition Winners

The winners of the 2018 OIE PHOTO COMPETITION were those who visually and creatively showed the crucial importance of the work done to protect animal health and welfare worldwide through the implementation of OIE International Standards

OIE Global Network

I am greatly honoured to be the winner of the OIE Photo competition 2018 in my region. Thank you OIE. Let me also add that just as the punchline says ‘Animal health and welfare, beyond the cliché’, this photo competition demonstrates that veterinary practice has gained new ground beyond its traditional barriers. Now, through photography, veterinarians from across the globe can showcase and share their daily animal healthcare activities, therefore, stimulating new ideas amongst themselves.

Testimonial Dr. Nazaria Wanja Nyaga
Dr. Nazaria Wanja Nyaga
Africa Region 2018 Winner
©OIE/N. Nyaga
Animal Disease Surveillance-Our team undertaking Active surveillance
©OIE/M. Galarde
Serving the rural population

With this contest, the OIE has given me an opportunity to show the close link that exists between animal welfare and public health, to be able to cater for animal and human health as part of the One Health approach in a vulnerable population.

Testimonial Miguel Galarde López
Miguel Galarde López
Americas Region 2018 Winner

I am one of the young generation who is proud to be a veterinarian. Photography is one of my hobbies, so I enjoy taking photos while I am working. I am so happy to be the winner of OIE Photo Competition 2018 in the Asia and Pacific region. I am thrilled to be winning the award for the second time!

Testimonial Dr Ulaankhuu Ankhanbaatar
Dr Ulaankhuu Ankhanbaatar
Asia & Pacific 2018 Winner
©OIE/U. Ankhanbaatar
PPR vaccine monitoring. Taking blood samples after four months vaccination
©OIE/D. Felete

Official veterinarians can be present in quite emotional situations and as a hobby photographer, I am constantly trying to capture such moments. This competition was a great opportunity to show people how overwhelming our work can be.

Testimonial Dr Daniel Fekete
Dr Daniel Fekete
Europe Region 2018 Winner

I thank OIE for their incredible efforts to serve global animal health and setting up such an excellent animal health photo competition. It is something that represents a great generosity of them. Thank you.

Testimonial Dr Abdullah Alfneekh
Dr Abdullah Alfneekh
Middle East Region 2018 Winner
©OIE/A. Alfneekh
Three Arabian camels stand in front of a veterinarian scanning an electronic microchip on their necks

Veterinary Students

©OIE/M. Abdulle
Two female veterinarians performing tick identifcation at IGAD Sheikh Technical Veterinary School(ITSVS) diagnostic laboratory , Somalia

I am very happy to be one of the winners of OIE photo competition in 208. Thanks for OIE for your global role in making sure we have disease free animals and safe international trade and ultimately healthy communities. Veterinarians role can never be questioned, we are more than just animal doctors but human doctors and public health protectors, protecting human health by managing crises such as diseases and zoonoses and foodborne diseases.

Testimonial Mohamed Said Abdulle
Mohamed Said Abdulle
Africa 2018 Winner

The OIE plays an integral role in the control of animal disease on a global scale. The Photo Competition is a great way to shed light on important affairs in veterinary medicine taking place around the world while encouraging individuals in this rewarding profession to showcase their photography skills.

Testimonial Katherine Sum
Katherine Sum
Americas 2018 Winner
©OIE/K. Sum
Who’s a good boy?
©OIE/B. Giri
Hopeful little eyes expecting a correct diagnosis and treatment for her goat from a veterinarian during a health camp in a remote village.

I have been a passionate photographer since I discovered the camera and have always wanted to merge my passion with my profession. I feel a greater responsibility now. I think my work is to make people aware people of the issues related to animal health and welfare in my country and to foster love and care for animals.
I thank OIE for letting students like us to be the part of this competition and providing a platform to showcase the work. It really helps people to be more aware and urge them to be more responsible towards animals. Thanks for the encouragement OIE!

Testimonial Bhuwan Giri
Bhuwan Giri
Asia & Pacific 2018 Winner

Thanks to the OIE for organizing this competition that makes it possible to share, through photography, all the efforts made in order to improve the health and well-being of animals in the whole world.

Testimonial Sarah Hilka
Sarah Hilka
Europe 2018 Winner
©OIE/S. Hilka
Simulation of bovine obstetric practice at the simulation room VetSims (EnvA)
©OIE/C. Ates
Hello human, we are all friends

As a veterinary student, I am very glad that the OIE photo competition gave me a chance to show our relationships with animals, as it is not just a job but we actually enjoy it! The welfare of animals is as important as their health. Especially beyond the cliché! I would like to thank OIE for giving me the chance to represent veterinary students from my region and showcase our work to the world.

Testimonial Ceren Ates
Ceren Ates
Middle East 2018 Winner
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