2019 OIE Photo Competition Announcement

The OIE is holding its 5th annual photo competition from 15 February to 15 April 2019.

The goal of this competition is to visually and creatively show the colossal work carried out by Veterinary Services as they implement OIE International Standards to protect the health and welfare of animals. The competition also aims to highlight the crucial link between animal health and animal welfare and to emphasise how improving them also enables us to protect human and ecosystem health.

The winning photos of the 2019 OIE PHOTO COMPETITION will be those that illustrate the work of animal health and welfare actors most effectively.

The jury, which this year is composed of professional veterinary photographers, will be looking in particular for creative photos that reflect the human/animal interactions that typify the activities of animal health and welfare professionals.

The themes of this year’s competition are:



Animal disease surveillance, prevention and control.

Photos could depict surveillance activities, vaccination campaigns, prophylaxis, and diagnostic tests, including interaction between wildlife (birds, rodents, etc), environment and livestock.


Animal welfare

Photos could illustrate transport of animals, stray dog management, working animals, and other topics addressed in the OIE welfare standards’ chapters.


Animal production systems

Photos could demonstrate familial, extensive or intensive farming systems, as well as transhumance, pastoralism systems, etc, with when possible a special spotlight on sustainable practices.


Aquatic animal health and production systems

Photos could show farmed fishing systems, amphibians, crustaceans, farmed fish, molluscs and their products.


One Health

Photos could depict the essential link between human and animal health and the ecosystem in which they co-exist.


Veterinary education

Photos could illustrate young students in practice/ training, veterinary education establishments and facilities etc.

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