2016 OIE Photo Competition Winners

The second OIE Photo Competition in 2016 sought to capture the global implementation of OIE Welfare standards in action. For the first time, the competition was open to the OIE Global Network and Veterinary Students. It was a great success. Check out the winners!

OIE Global Network

I think this initiative of the OIE is just fantastic!- Ultimately it brings the veterinary professions from across the world together by allowing us to view veterinary medicine from various aspects and new perspectives. It is such a creative and fun thing to do and I cannot wait to capture more of these moments that remind us of why we became vets in the first place.

Testimonial Dr Christo Labuschagne
Dr Christo Labuschagne
Africa Region 2016 Winner
Disease surveillance
Thank you for travelling with us. It was a pleasure serving you.
Thank you for travelling with us. It was a pleasure serving you.

The photo competition transmits in a simple way, the significant and decisive activity which takes place within and outside of our organisation, in the decision making for the food biosecurity of our population. It also promotes the ingenuity, creativity and artistic side of those who participate in the contest, which gives us a chance to leave aside the strictness in standard setting work which can sometimes become routine.

Testimonial Eng Miguel Espinosa
Eng Miguel Espinosa
Americas Region 2016 Winner

Thanks to the organizers and selection committee of OIE Photo competition for the opportunity to share my photos with other veterinarians in the world!

Testimonial Dr Ulaankhuu Ankhanbaatar
Dr Ulaankhuu Ankhanbaatar
Asia & Pacific 2016 Winner
First step
Complicity and mutual affection
Complicity and mutual affection

The important role that has been played by OIE in the implementation of animal welfare standards can be successfully captured by the worldwide photographers entering the 2016 OIE Photo Competition. The respect for animal can be undoubtedly shown in a photo, where you can see the animal reaction to his treater. There is no better way to describe the interaction between an animal and his treater. As we say ``an image is worth more than a thousand words``.

Testimonial Dr Jorge Bacelar
Dr Jorge Bacelar
Europe Region 2016 Winner

This is an interesting initiative!

Testimonial Dr Mozafar Sarmasti
Dr Mozafar Sarmasti
Middle East Region 2016 Winner
No comment
No comment

Veterinary Students

A special bond between a student and a teaching animal
A special bond between a student and a teaching animal

The OIE plays such a vital role in the control of the health of animals worldwide. It is amazing that this international organization is working specifically through the photo competition to combat the misconceived perceptions of the care of animals worldwide! Through encouraging people to photograph how animals are cared for every day, and then displaying the perspectives of each individual for the public to have a window into animal welfare, they are playing a vital role in changing perspectives and helping animal care workers to be even more mindful of the environments around them and the animals under their care.

Testimonial Ginger Hobgood
Ginger Hobgood
Americas 2016 Winner

Things are happening and people are actually taking actions. The OIE photo competition is a great way to capture these actions and show them to the world, telling them what is really happening beyond the cliché!

Testimonial Chayada Piantham
Chayada Piantham
Asia & Pacific 2016 Winner
Non stop bleeding. Saved him and gave him a chance
Non stop bleeding. Saved him and gave him a chance
Antibodies in milk form
Antibodies in milk form

I am very glad that the OIE photo competition was opened to veterinary students. I am a photography lover, and I became especially interested during last year when I started reading a lot about photo composition and edition. Putting my love for animals and photography together was a great experience. It is one of my favorite subjects to take photos and this prize gave me a lot of motivation to continue to do it during my life as a veterinarian!

Testimonial Filipa Trigo da Roza
Filipa Trigo da Roza
Europe 2016 Winner
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