2019 OIE Photo Competition Winners

The winners of the 2019 OIE PHOTO COMPETITION were those who visually and creatively showed the crucial importance of the work done to protect animal health and welfare worldwide through the implementation of OIE International Standards

Global Prizes

Thanks to this competition, the OIE has given me the opportunity to show the transhumance activities that take place in the south of Spain. Photos help us to tell stories and sometimes only sometimes, they provoke a connection or an empathy with the viewer. My project aims to show transhumance activities practiced in the province of Jaén, one of the last bastions the Iberian Peninsula where transhumance still exists, but with the sensation of witnessing a way of life that is disappearing. It is a personal tribute to honor and respect animals and farmers who practice a sustainable livestock linked to the land. They keep alive the embers of a defeated culture in which magic, diificulty and harmony with nature and its slow rhythms are appreciated. If the shepherds disappear, thousands of years of traditional wisdom, cultural heritage and ecological management of the territory will disappear with them.

Testimonial Catalina Gomez Lopez
Catalina Gomez Lopez
OIE Global Network 2019 Winner
Transhumance, a nomadic and free life
New horseshoe

I am very pleased that “New horseshoe“ was chosen by the Jury of OIE Photo Competition as the winning photo. Thank you very much. It is also perfect that OIE allows students to participate… and of course that there is an organisation that specializes in preserving and protecting animal health and welfare.

Testimonial Simon Halas
Simon Halas
Veterinary Student 2019 Winner

Regional Prizes

The OIE is the flagship organisation working in the fields of animal health, welfare and production. I am extremely proud for having been selected as the winner of the Africa Regional Prize for this photo competition. I would like to thank the OIE for this opportunity to participate because it is a springboard for veterinarians and veterinary students to share our experiences while combining them with one of our passions; photography

Testimonial Boris Ouattara
Boris Ouattara
Africa Region 2019 Winner
'Testicular ultrasound of a horse with a tumor: case received at the EISMV clinic in Dakar'
Caring for the new generations

Winner of the Regional Prize for the Americas Region, in the 2019 edition of the OIE Photo Competition.

Testimonial Leyssi Vanessa Altamiranda Avendaño
Leyssi Vanessa Altamiranda Avendaño
Americas Region 2019 Winner

I would like to thank OIE for this wonderful opportunity uniting veterinary students and professionals from all over the world and allow us to depict the link between animal and people. I have never thought of giving up my passion in photography for my profession because I feel that the emotions of people towards animals are precious and I am always eager to frame them up. I am glad to be representing my country for this award. I hope the committee will do their best to keep this photo competition going!

Testimonial Khai Jeng Tan
Khai Jeng Tan
Asia & Pacific Region 2019 Winner
Microbiological enumeration of raw food cultured from a whole poultry carcass using the colony counter
Horse dissection by a veterinary student

I warmly thank the OIE for organising this competition, which highlights the multidisciplinary nature of our profession and raises public awareness of animal health and welfare issues. I am delighted to have this opportunity to share a moment of my veterinary studies.

Testimonial Mia Valomy
Mia Valomy
Europe Region 2019 Winner

Winner of the Regional Prize for the Middle East Region, in the 2019 edition of the OIE Photo Competition.

Testimonial Hani Bader
Hani Bader
Middle East Region 2019 Winner
Fish release
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